Analox Owners Note (Apr 2008)

by Paul.

images4th April, 2008 : Just received this today direct from Analox.  I know quite a few of you have the O2EII so please take note.

“Following on from previous correspondence, I would like to make you aware the the following information is still an issue: You may have read that various companies are offering sensors which are supposedly compatible with the Analox range of Sport Diving analysers (Mini O2, Mini O2DII and the Analox O2EII).

These sensors are not the same as those which you buy from us. Analox fit unique temperature compensation on all of their O2 sensors – as a result, imitation sensors will not offer the same performance

As we can only guarantee the performance of an Analox sensor, we do not recommend customers purchase these imitation sensors as it may affect the operation of the unit and will void any warranties.

Please make your customers aware that only Analox sensors should be used in Analox products.”

If you require a replacement Analox sensor they are available from me, any Analox dealer, or direct from


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