Diving in 2018

SCUBA Diving 2015 PossibilitiesAll our diving in 2018 as it happened.

Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th November: Plymouth – Fun (Claire, Luke, John, Colin, Tim, Chris H, Chris L, Kevin)

Our traditional Winter Warmer; the weather gods were not kind but we got wet!  Full report here

Saturday 20th October: Cromhall – Training (Sue, Taz)

A training session in one of our local haunt s

Sunday 14th October: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue…)

A chance to catch up with happenings at a local haunt

Saturday 29th-Sunday 30th September: Bovisand – Fun (Sue, Geoff, Chris H, Kevin)

A full report of this weekend of hardboat diving with Discovery Divers is here

Saturday September 29th-Thursday October 11th: Seychelles – Fun (John, Tim, Neil, Chris L, Claire, Luke, Ian & others)

A little jaunt, full report here

Friday August 31st- Sunday September 2nd: Porthkerris – Fun (Tim, John, Neil, Chris H, Chris L, Kevin)

A full report of our adventures is available here

Friday 24th-Sunday 26th August: Plymouth – Fun (Geoff, Tim, Neil, Colin, Rob, David)

Check out our adventures over the Bank Holiday weekend – full report here

Friday 10th August: Brixham – Anniversary (Tim, Geoff, Neil, Colin)

A tribute to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of our club wreck the SS Bretagne. Full report here

Sunday 29th July: Cromhall – Training (Tim, Chris H, Rob, David, Taz, Ari, Claire, Luke)

An incredibly efficient days’ training. Check out the full report (& many pictures) here

Saturday 7th-Sunday 8th July: Portland – Fun (John, Taz, Steve, Colin, Tim, Pete)

A well attended weekend of camping and revisits to some of the highlights of Portland diving.

Friday June 22nd-Monday June 25th: Brixham – Fun (Chris L, Tim, Geoff, Kevin, Claire, Luke, Colin, Chris H)

A long weekend of diving intended to prep for the Bretagnes’ 100th anniversary – things didn’t quite go as planned…

Saturday 26th-Monday 28th May: Broadhaven – Fun (Rob, David, Tim, Geoff, John, Pete)

Check out the full report here

Saturday 14th April: Plymouth – Fun (Tim, Chris H, Chris L, Geoff, Rich, Kevin, Neil)

A lovely day for a couple of dives, check out the full report here

Saturday 24th March: Plymouth – Fun (Chris H, Tim, Colin, Claire, Luke, Kevin)

The first RHIB dive of the season, check out the full report here

Saturday 24th February: Thurlestone – Fun & Training (Sue, Chris H, David, Rob, Kevin)

A long overdue return – check out the full dive report here and a video of the event is on our Dive Videos page here

Sunday 18th February: Cromhall – Training (Sue, Adam)

Chilly February fun!

Sunday 28th January: Brixham – Fun (Tim, Sue, Kevin)

Check out the full dive report here


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