Diving Officers Communication (Feb 2000)

Our web master has been on to me for some time now to complete this month’ DO’s communication and I am only just getting around to doing it. So apologies to all who have been waiting for it.

This last month (January) has only seen one dive trip taking place and only two members turned up. At least they were able to practise their roped diver techniques. I look forward to one of them writing something for the web about their day, I know that pictures were taken so we can have something to look at as well. One thing to note about last month (Jan) is no day trips to Barrow tanks happened. It may be worth noting that this site will close on the 16th March, so if you need something doing now is the time to get it done. It is easier to check things out at this site before venturing into the sea and finding something wrong, this venue can be used to check a variety of things, so why don’t you use it (too late!).

If there is anyone willing to organise a days diving or an expedition that is not yet publicised, please let me know as soon as possible and add it to the planner in the Club’s notice board folder

If you visit the club web site, you can look at the schedule and see the dives that have been planned already. If you are interested in coming along to one of them, make sure you add your name to the list.


The new lecture program is now on the web and a copy has been given to all those that require lectures. There will be three programs run in the next few months, Club Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader. Lectures will take place at the boat shed, all being well. Anyone requiring open water disciplines should think about attending a trip to Barrow as previously mentioned. We will be making full use of this venue for the last few weeks that it will be open, so if you need a skill, ask Andy or myself and we will try to accommodate you if we can. As previously stated in the past there will be at least two, probably three dives available – the last being into the Winford Arms for a well-deserved refreshment and warm up. They do a very good and reasonable Sunday lunch as well.


As last month (Jan) there has not been a great deal of activity taking place, hopefully this is not due to lethargy creeping into the membership. We have seen some additional new members joining the club and they have been informed of the lecture program schedule. Keep an eye on the Notice Folder for any additional events that are to take place or you might just miss them. As last month there are various skill development courses being run by our local area coaches, the latest is Practical Rescue Management. This will take place at Axbridge reservoir. The lectures will be held in the local pub, so if you are interested contact Phil Harrison for details. We are again organising working parties at the boat shed to get things ready for the Salcombe weekend. If you are going, PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE to help or there may only be shore diving being done here and for the rest of the season.


Dates for your diary

19th March.2000 – Pot Dive, DDRC – see Chris Barker for information

31st March.2000 – 10 Pin Bowling (deposits required. See Carol Sheppard)

7th – 14th April.2000 – RED Sea trip (Live aboard) (NOW FULL)

15th April 2000 – Mexican Meal at the Casa Mexicana (deposits required. See Carol Sheppard)

21st – 24th April.2000 – Salcombe

14th May 2000 – London Eye & HMS Belfast trip (deposits required. See Carol Sheppard)

?? – ?? May.2000 – Kimmeridge (Someone required to organise this weekend)

?? June.2000 – Go-Karting (see Mike Oates for details)

16th – 18th June.2000 – Lyme Regis (Staying at Shrubby camp site as normal)

14th – 17th July.2000 – Hallsands (FULL BOOKED)

29th – 30th July.2000 – Harbour Regatta

?? – ?? August 200 – Mariazion or Maenporth – Club Annual trip away

?? September 2000 – Horse Race Night

There will be Sunday trips to Barrow tanks until the 16th March. If the weather is kind there may even be a trip to the beach, so keep an eye on the Notices folder for going on’s (Unless someone knows different)


Tryout Nite’s have started again and there is interest in our new Snorkelling course. Those that are needed for the pool will be contacted as soon as possible. Please make yourself available when asked.

DO’s thought for the month



Harry Ryalls



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