Boxing Day Raft Race (Dec 2009)

by Laurence.

26th December, 2009 : So this is what happens at a typical Raft Race – Is there any need for words?

  • The start is 10.30 sharp in the Keynsham lock, allow time to get the raft in the water.
  • Rafts based on baths are preferred, but it is open to ‘anything that floats that isn’t a boat’ (from multi-bath rafts, oil drum rafts, through to well-inflated dry suits).
  • Finish is at the Chequers, Hanham, in time for lunch.
  • If you don’t want to raft it, bring flour bags or water pistols.
  • No rules or scrutineering, but common sense is requested in respect to safety.
  • Bottle of Cava for the winning team.
  • Sponsorship in aid of any charity is optional.

Here’s what happened over the last three years!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 4033r 4034r 1000028r 1000021r



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