EGM (Jan 2007)

by Tim.

8223098211_26cd5b9188_hammer-and-gavel1st February, 2007: EGM – Thank you very much for the tremendous support we had on Monday night at our EGM. An excellent turn out and a unanimous vote in favour of the proposal which was as follows:

Proposal: The proposal is we replace the existing ‘Advanced Diver Rep’ position with an ‘Advanced Diving Rep’ position and in doing so, open up the selection of the candidate for this position from Dive Leader grades and above.

Advanced Diving Rep. 

Duties include:

  • Committee representative for Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and 1st Class Diver club members.
  • Assist Diving Officer to provide advanced diving targeted at Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and 1st Class Diver grades.
  • Assist Training Officer to organise, promote & encourage training of Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and 1st Class Diver grades.

Appointed by:

  • Dive Leaders
  • Advanced Divers
  • 1st Class Divers
We hope to fill this position soon after our next committee meeting (21st Feb), so if you are an eligible candidate please give it some serious thought.

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