What a brilliant way to spend an evening – Cromhall (Aug 2007)

by Tim.

ef3db1082ee91c72d252440dee4a5b97e772e1d21cb3174591_640_water-games1st August, 2007 : Wasn’t that a most enjoyable, successful and above all fun evenings?

It was initially fun for us 4×4’ers ferrying people through the 12″ or so of water covering the road and it also meant we had a captive audience and could thus charge them an extortionate fee to take them back to their parked cars – Doh! I knew we forgot something!

Actually the flooding worked in our favour as it meant we had a vast waist deep lake to play our games in.
Talking of the games, well that was a real eye opener that was! I never knew we had so many competitive women in the club. They turned cheating into an art form. Not that I’m bitter or anything 😉
Anyway, congratulations to them on their ‘win’. I hope they look after and treasure their ‘Rusty Rowlock trophy so the men can win it next year (please don’t polish it, or it will loose it’s aesthetic charm).

Anyway, now the thank you’s.

  • Thanks to Pete for organising the games.
  • Thanks to Jo for organising and buying the food.
  • Thanks to Harry & Julie for BBQing and serving it.
  • But most of all thank YOU to the many of you who came along and supported it, whether you were wet and laughing in the water or wetting yourself laughing on the shore. I look forward to seeing the photos.
  • And finally of course, thanks also to our impartial (yeah right) referees.
 We must, we WILL, do it again!

PS. Jo, sorry we nearly drowned you – but if you will get in the goal mouth, what do you expect? At least you got a dive in 😉


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