Diving in 2023

All our diving in 2023 as it happened.SCUBA Diving 2015 Possibilities

Sunday 27th August: Plymouth – Fun (Pete, Steve, Geoff, David, Roxana, Jason, Rob)

A chance to check out our newly repaired RHIB with a marvellous double visit to a favourite haunt in Plymouth – report here

Saturday 12th August: Cromhall – Training & Fun (Chris H, Amy, Sue, Russell, Kevin, Neil, Nigel, Roxana, Jason, Geoff, Steve)

I don’t know how Chris did it but we had a bumper attendance to meet up with some new members & do some training – a great day!

Friday 28th July: Portland – Fun (Colin, Kevin)

This months ‘deep dive’, this one was on the wreck of the Avalanche; despite being very deep (50m) visibility was excellent however my camera was not so no photos I’m afraid

Saturday 22nd July: Cromhall – Fun (Neil, Colin, Chris H.)

A chance to get some practice in

Saturday 17th June: Portland – Fun (Colin, Kevin)

This months ‘deep dive’, this time on the historic wreck of the HMT Arfon. A great dive!

Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th June: Pembrokeshire – Fun (Geoff, Steve, Chris H, Kevin)

Marvellous weather, 2 days of hard-boat diving, nice company what more do you need. A full report is here

Saturday 27th May: Portland – Fun (Colin, Kevin)

This months deep dive, this time on the wreck of the Aeolian Sky a huge wreck that deserves a number of visits

Sunday 21st May: Cromhall – Fun (Chris H., Steve)

The comprehensive report 🙂

  • Fantastic weather
  • Steve’s dry suit did not leak!
  • Visibility was not very good at all
  • It was cold!

Tuesday 16th, Thursday 18th & Friday 19th May: Madeira – Fun (Geoff, Kevin, Nigel)

A small group of us popped over to Madeira for a holiday & some diving, there are a few pics on our facebook page & a full report here

Sunday 30th April: Cromhall – Tests & Fun (Dan, Steve, Geoff, Kevin, Chris H.)

A chance for Steve & Dan to check out their repaired drysuits, Geoff & Kevin to brush up their skills & Chris to cheer us on!

Thursday 20th April: Cromhall – Fun (Geoff, Nigel, Chris H.)

A bit of fun, a weight check & some kit checking

Saturday 18th March: Portland – Fun (Colin, Kevin)

The M2 & the Spaniard beckoned so who were we to disappoint!

Sunday 12th March: Cromhall – Fun (Steve, Tom, Nigel, Colin, Kevin)

A club meet to get reacquainted with our kit & our buddies ahead of the dive season

Friday 24th February: Vobster Quay – Fun (Colin & Kevin)

A fun couple of dives in one of our local haunts!

Sunday 19th February: Cromhall – Tests & Fun (Colin, Kevin)

A chance for some buoyancy checks & a fun dive

Saturday 4th February: Plymouth – Fun (Colin, Kevin)

A trip to Brixham morphed into a hardboat dive when the weather forecast improved dramatically. A lovely couple of dives – see here

Saturday 14th January: Cromhall – Fun (Tom, Kevin)

A quick dip to check out the old diving muscles & Toms’ zip repair, the former are good, the latter not so much 🙂


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