Skill Development Courses (Mar 2006)

by Lee.

e135b9082df71c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7d419b9124596f4_640_skills19th March, 2006 : BSAC has a number of Skill Development Courses of which, we can run a significant number within our branch (or get the required instructors in to run the course).

  • Boat Handling (last run 2005)
  • Diver Cox (last run 2005)
  • Chartwork and Positional Fixing
  • GMDSS (VHF marine radio/ General Maritime Distress Signalling System) (Last run 2005)
  • Oxygen Administration (last run 2005)
  • Practical Rescue Management
  • Lifesaver Award
  • Advanced Lifesaver Award
  • Dive Planning & Marshalling (last run 2004)
  • Search and Recovery
  • Advanced Diving Techniques
  • Basic Nitrox (Speak to Paul Morris – course co-coordinator)
  • Combined Nitrox (Speak to Paul Morris – course co-coordinator) (last run 2005)
  • Extended Range Diving
  • Marine Life Identification
  • Nautical Archaeology
  • Underwater Photography

As you can see, a number of these course have recently been run, (but don’t let that put you off if you wish to attend a course). We can always sort out another course; if you wish to find out more please contact myself, Paul or Tim, or just ask around the club to find someone who was on the last course to see what it was like.

For more information you can go to or check out BSAC programme of events 2006 (available on request from BSAC HQ: Tel No: 0151 350 6200)

If you fancy completing ANY of the above courses then please RSVP me so I can best help to run the course. I have a few names already for some of the courses.


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