Cromhall (Nov 2011)

by Laurence.

imgresSunday 27th November, 2011 : A rather late organised trip to the quarry for a bit of practice including Lifting bag practice, DSMB practice and experiments with camera gear in the dark.

The diver density was very thick due to the low water, and viz appropriate to the stirring up.

Very good to see a few former members again along with trusty soul Tim.

The fixed platform steps looked very strange with the lowest rung about 2m clear of the water!

Visited the gnomes in their dingy place, but the pics won’t be too special. Moral is you must know how to operate your strobes in complete darkness: the strobe light doesn’t help to illuminate the strobe or camera controls.

A very useful day and not too cold at about 12C in the water.


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