The Smalls and Dartmouth (Jul 2011)

by Laurence.


Whitewater Bay on Skomer

Sunday 31st July, 2011 : We had two club trips happening at the same time on this weekend!

The first was a hard-boat excursion with Tony Hoile & the Falcon II out of Dartmouth with Mike, Geoff, Laurence, Mary, Rhys & others getting the chance to explore the

  • Middle Blackstone Pinnacles in the morning
  • Dartmouth Mewstone (yes there’s more than one!) in the afternoon

Wildlife encountered included Dahlia anemones, feather stars, brittle stars, Devonshire cup-corals & a lobster, we think Geoff really enjoyed his birthday & it was all round a great day.

Meanwhile there was another group in Pembrokeshire including Tim & John who dived

  • The Smalls (West side)
  • Skomer (South Haven & North Wall)
  • Rye Rocks

This trip also went well

Photo by SheffieldMickey


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