Bottles Blighting Beaches (Apr 2016)

by Sue R.

19th April, 2016: As divers we get more of a close up view than many of the awful plastics situation on our beaches and in our seas so here’s a chance to show our support for a scheme that is trying to make a difference.


A record-breaking 6,000 volunteers found almost 100 bottles per kilometre of beach surveyed during the Great British Beach Clean 2015; a massive 43% rise since 2014!  Just one bottle could take up to 500 years to break down in our seas.

Deposit Return Systems – where you get cash back for returning your used drinks cans and bottles can reduce littering, increase recycling, and change behaviour.

A similar scheme in the US reduced drinks containers on US beaches by over 70%.

More details are available on the Marine Conservation Society website here