Dives in 2010

ea3cb70d2ef21c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7d41db0124797f8_640_listThis year’s weather has been a bit better than last year and we have managed to achieve over 964 dives compared with 918 last year.
Our overseas diving included the Philippines, Red Sea (three times), Maldives and St Lucia.
Our UK diving has been centred on Plymouth with the Ribcraft stored at the Mountbatten Centre. This format seemed to work well from a logistics point of view. We had 6 trips and it would have been more but for bad weather.
There have been lots of one or two day visits to coastal or inland sites and these include Chesil Cove, Brixham, Thurlestone, Swanage, Dartmouth, Cromhall (7) and Vobster. Our August Bank Holiday trip was to Porthkerris with both boats and was very enjoyable, apart from towing back up the hill.
We also enjoyed some new dive sites notably to Lundy on the Pride of Bristol and out of Dartmouth on Falcon II. We also discovered Tinkers Shoal which lies to the west of the Mew Stone and stretches north to the Breakwater.
Our most challenging UK trip was to Scapa Flow on the Radiant Queen a superbly converted fishing boat with a lady skipper who has dived the wrecks extensively. The diving could be deep and dark but the wrecks were impressive and the guns and turrets are awesome.
The awards for most dives are a draw for the men this year: joint 1st on 78 – Bob and Tim, for the women, Mary was the clear winner for the second year running.
On a final note, in the past Tim has been a dedicated training Officer and one of the most enthusiastic Diving
Officers of recent years;  this year Tim achieved a significant milestone, one which we don’t see very often. I am talking about 1000 dives a goal that many aspire to but few achieve – well done Tim!

Saturday 18th December, 2010 : Cromhall – Fun (Tim & Duncan) – see separate (brief) report

Sunday 28th November, 2010 : Cromhall – Fun (Tim, Chris H, Rob & Duncan)

Saturday 20th November, 2010 : Cromhall – Fun (Cyril…)

Thursday 28th October, 2010 : Grenada – Fun (Mike D…)

Sunday 24th October, 2010 : Plymouth – Fun (Tim, Jo, Laurence, Mary)

  • James Egan Layne – wreck
  • Mewstone

Saturday 16th October, 2010 : Cromhall – Training (Tim Sue E)

Friday 8th October – Friday 15th October, 2010 : Red Sea North & Brothers – Fun (Duncan, Bob, Chris H, Cyril, Geoff, Ian Con, John, Laurence, Mary, Mike D, Mike W, Neil, Sheila W, Steve H, Stewart, Sue R)

  • El Mina
  • Small Gifon Island
  • Gotta Abu Ramada
  • Big Brother
  • Brothers – Numidea
  • Little Brother
  • Salem Express
  • No 1:’Poseidon’ wreck
  • Ras Abu Soma
  • Ras Disha
  • Kimon
  • Marcus – wreck
  • Ghiannis D – wreck
  • Bluff Point reef
  • Rosalie Moller
  • Fanous

Sunday 3rd October, 2010 : Dartmouth – hardboat (Falcon 2) (Mike, Mary,Laurence, Sue Rosser, Tim, John, Neil, Geoff, Jo, Sue Eyres)

  • Maine – wreck

Thursday 16th September, 2010 : Cromhall – Training (Duncan, Mike D, Steve H, Sue E, Tim)

Sunday 12th September, 2010 : Plymouth – Fun (Laurence, Mary, Mike D, Mike W, Sheila W, Sue R)

  • Mewstone
  • Breakwater

Saturday 28th August to Monday 30th August, 2010 : Porthkerris – Fun (Duncan, Bob, Chris H, Geoff, Jo, John, Laurence, Mary, Mike D, Neil, Rhys)

  • Volnay – wreck
  • Mohegan – wreck
  • Manacles Reef
  • Drawna Reef

Thursday 19th August, 2010 : Swanage – Fun hardboat (John, Geoff, Sue R)

  • Kyarra – wreck
  • Peverill Ledges

Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th August, 2010 : Dartmouth – Fun (Tim, Jo, Bob, Chris H, Dave G, Geoff, Mike D, Mike W, Neil, Rhys, Sheila W, Sue E, Sue R)

  • Start Point – The Cherricks
  • Mewstone
  • Eastern Blackstone
  • Peartree Point Reef

Saturday 17th July – Friday 23rd July, 2010 : Scapa Flow – Fun (Duncan, Mike D, Andy, Bob, Laurence, Mary, Mike V, Neil, Sue E, Sue R, Tim) – see separate report

  • Dresden – wreck
  • SMS Karlsruhe – wreck
  • SMS Brummer – wreck
  • SMS Koln – wreck
  • Kronprinz Wilhelm – wreck
  • Doyle – wreck
  • F2 – wreck
  • Konig – wreck
  • Markgraf – wreck
  • Bayern Turrets – wreck

Thursday 8th July, 2010 : Cromhall – Training (Tim, Andy)

Sunday 20th June, 2010 : Plymouth – Fun (Tim, Jo, Geoff, John, Mike D)

  • Hilsea Point
  • Tinkers Shoal

Saturday 19th June : Dartmouth – Fun (Mike D…)

Friday 18th June, 2010 : Chesil Cove – Fun (Bob, Mike D, Neil)

Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th June, 2010 : Lundy – Fun (Bob, Geoff, Mike W, Neil, Rob, Sheila)

  • Robert – wreck
  • Knoll Pins
  • Bressent Ward – drift

Thursday 10th June, 2010 : Cromhall – Training (Tim, Chris H, Laurence, Stewart, John, Mary, Sue E)

Thursday 10th June, 2010 : St. Lucia – Fun (Mike O)

Saturday 29th May – Monday 31st May, 2010 : Plymouth – Fun (Duncan, Tim, Mary, Bob, Geoff, Jo, Laurence, Mary, Mike D, Rhys)

  • Fort
  • Mewstone
  • Scylla – wreck

Sunday 23rd May, 2010 : Thurlestone – Fun (Chris H, John, Mike D)

  • Louis Shield – wreck

Sunday 16th May, 2010 : Cromhall – Training (Tim, Rhys, Andy, Laurence, Mary, Rob)

Thursday 13th May, 2010 : Cromhall – Dive & BBQ (Tim, Sheila W, Mary, Chris H, Mike D, Neil)

  • A really good show of people and a fun evening. The visibility at present is the best I’ve seen it in a very long time – Tim

Saturday 1st May – Monday 3rd May, 2010 : Plymouth & Hope Cove (Tim, Rob, Geoff, Mike, Laurence, Mark, Mary, Mike D, Steve H, Sue R)

  • Scylla – wreck
  • Outside Breakwater (middle)
  • James Eagan Layne – wreck
  • Mewstone (South of)

Sunday 25th April, 2010 : Plymouth – Fun (Duncan, Jo, John, Laurence, Mary, Mike D, Rob, Sheila W, Sue R)

  • Mewstone

Sunday 11th April, 2010 : Cromhall – Training (Tim, Sue R, Chris H, Mike D, Rhys)

Sunday 21st March, 2010 : Cromhall – Fun (Tim, Rhys, Duncan, Laurence, Mary, Mike D)

Thursday 12th March to Friday 19th March, 2010 : Red Sea (Geoff, Bob, Neil, Andy, Mike C)

  • Poseidon Reef, Sha’ab el Erg
  • Ghiannis D – wreck
  • The Alternatives
  • Shark and Yolanda
  • Ras Mohammed
  • Dunraven
  • Thistelgorm – wreck
  • Kingston, Shag Rock
  • Global Island – Barge/Reef/Drift
  • Siyul Kebir

Sunday 7th to Sunday 28th February, 2010 : Phillipines (Tim, Jo, Simon)

  • Olympia
  • Morazan
  • Irako
  • Kogyu Maru
  • Sangat House Reef
  • Akitisushima
  • Okikawa
  • Lusong wreck & reef
  • Quinsoan
  • Matalay Pier
  • Basak
  • Chapel
  • Largahan Point
  • Rock East – Rock West
  • Malauy
  • Coconut
  • Katipanan

Sunday 17th January, 2010 : Brixham – Fun (Tim, Chris H, Duncan)


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