Diving Officers Communication (May 2000)

So far this year the weather has been fairly kind to us and allowed us not only to dive, but enjoy the sunshine as well. Hopefully by the time you read this, the Avon will have gone into the boat repairs to get the keel leak sorted out so that it can be used at forthcoming expeditions.

We have managed to have a few day trips to the sea, where all those who attended enjoyed the days diving that was had. We have seen trips to Chessil Beach and Brixham, the latter setting new targets for those going away for the day. The majority of those that were at Brixham managed to do three dives in the day, two of our members doing a fourth, the last being a goodwill gesture for Brixham Harbour Marina. One of the boats that moor in the marina had got its anchor snagged on something and could not raise it. We were approached and asked if we could help, thankfully we could. Carol Berry and Tony Hartigan were still kitted up from their last dive and volunteered to go and see if they could free what turned out to be a Danforth anchor snagged on a steel cable. The skipper of ‘Seascape’, a small cabin cruiser had chosen to anchor in the only spot that he could have found this cable. He had attempted to raise the anchor, but could not get it higher than 2 meters from the surface, although this belittles their efforts, Carol and Tony freed it after only a couple of minutes and the thankful skipper recovered it back on board. This was a good end to a perfect day and some good public relations for the diving community.

As the month progressed the dive site of Burton Bradstock had us seeing a whole day of sea fog covering the beach and reducing the visibility to 500m on land. This did not stop the small group who had made the trip to this site from enjoying the day. It showed the other side of diving that is a bit harder than the norm, especially when the tide turned and the waves started to break onto this upper part of Chessil Beach. The following weekend saw a return to Brixham, due to the wind direction and a new member having her first sea dive. I think this dive will be remembered for the experience with the Pipe Fish that she had.

The last weekend of this month will see an expedition going to Plymouth for the Bank Holiday and hopefully some good diving from Queens Anne Battery. But that is in the lap of the gods at the moment.

This month has seen the number of dives being logged with the club breaking the 300’s with 58 dives being added so far. Another target also being set is that we have managed to dive every weekend of this month, something that has not been done for a long time. Lets hope things carry on like this throughout the rest of the diving season, but it will only do so if people are prepared to organise trips away. If you have a wish to do so, Andy and myself, as well as the rest of the club, will support you in every way.

Our Advanced Diver Representative is looking to provide information about adventurous diving for all skill groups that are able to take part in the forthcoming months. What he has presented to me looks very exciting and I hope we will all be giving him our support for anything that he organises for the club. I know that I will.


The Sports Diver knowledge review was carried out early last month, those that attempted it did very well. We also saw the start of our Dive Leader program, which has not been run for a few years now and has four club members taking part. Hopefully those that need to complete any outstanding discipline for previous programs will attempt to do them under this new program. The Club Diver lectures are still on going, anyone who has missed any of the lectures, should let me know as soon as possible so that alternate dates can be arranged. This is true for any of the lecture programs that we can currently provide.

Congratulation to two members for completing their next skill levels. Carol Sheppard had been signed up as a Club Diver and Steve Moore as a Sports Diver. Well done to them both.


A new cinema has opened recently in Bristol, for those of you who have never been to one; it is an Imax cinema. These types of cinema show 3D films. We made a trip to Bradford a few years ago to watch two films, one about the Titanic and the other about Sharks, which was a great experience. The only down side to the trips was the curry we went for afterwards, Bradford is after all the curry centre of England, it was very disappointing. I am keeping an eye on the films that are being shown and when anything of interest come along I will organise a trip and let you know when. There are a couple that I attempted to book through the one in London but was unable to do so, if and when they come to Bristol they must not be missed.

We are again organising working parties at the boat shed. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE to help, there’s lots that need doing. Bob is posting emails when they are on, so keep an eye open.


Lecture Program for 2000

Club Diver review – Lecture program to started 23rd February, then 2 weekly thereafter

Sports Diver lectures – New program to be planned later this year.

Dive Leader lectures – Lecture program started 10th May, then every 2 weeks there after

Please check the lecture program on the web or in the book for up to date details.

Dates for your diary

10th June.2000 – Go-Karting (see Mike Oates for details)

16th – 18th June.2000 – Lyme Regis (Staying at Shrubbery camp site as normal)

7th – 9th July.2000 – North Wales (FULLY BOOKED)

14th – 17th July.2000 – Hallsands (FULLY BOOKED)

29th – 30th July.2000 – Harbour Regatta

August 2000 – Club Annual trip away (Mariazion or Maenporth)

September 2000 – Horse Race Night

Please check the dive schedule on the web or in the book for up to date details.


Carol Sheppard is trying to organise a monthly event to try the different types of cuisine available in the Bristol area. The few nights that have taken place have been very enjoyable, those that have attended them are looking forward to the next planned one. This is going to be a Chinese night, but no date has yet been set. If you are interested contact Carol, who will keep you informed.

Tim Clouter is looking for interest in a week’s trip to the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, he has received an email from someone who is running a B& B establishment between St Keverne and Porthoustock. This sounds like a good idea for a trip away, if we can get enough interest Tim will organise it. At present there is no date, it will depend on those who go and what is available when he book’s. As he said in his email it’s over to us.

DO’s thought for the month


A little thought will go a long way towards this

Harry Ryalls



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