‘Almost’ Blue Moon Diving (Jul 2015)

by Kevin.

DSCF2215rThursday 30th July : Friday is a blue moon folks, second full moon this month so to celebrate this and also Bobs’ return we had an evening of diving and BBQ-ing at Cromhall – to be honest any excuse would do and these seemed pretty usable!

Arriving shortly after 5:30 we congregated at the deep end (from where we would be diving) and quickly got kitted up & otherwise set up.

Folks brought their own food & drink, while Sue & Tim brought a couple of disposable BBQs to share.

After the diving we tucked into the food & drink & settled back to enjoy the sunshine!


DSCF2195r diving at Cromhall DSCF2199er DSCF2203r DSCF2217r