Diving Officers Communication (Mar 2000)

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that I am writing this so late in the month, but time has just flown by and I’m late again. So, as last month, my apologies to all who have been waiting for this report.

For all who required some basic training drill before the season started and failed to make use of Barrow Tanks on the weekends when something was organised, you’re too late! it closed on the 16th March. If you need some drills, you will have to talk nicely to the dive organiser to see if they can accommodate you on the forthcoming trips away.

March saw two further trips to Barrow Tanks where basic drills and equipment checks were carried out. This has brought the total for the year to 34 dives. Hopefully the weather will be kind in the next few months and this number will grow rapidly.

If you visit the club web site, you can look at the schedule to see the dives that have already been planned (or happened). If you are interested in coming along to one of them, make sure you add your name to the lists in the club folder.


The new lecture programme is now well underway and a copy of the dates has been posted on the web. There are three lecture programs running, Club Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader. Hopefully all being well all lectures will take place at the boat shed, any changes will be cascaded to those involved.


There has not been a lot of general activity taking place, I think that everyone is far too busy with personal commitments to be able to enjoy themselves, but lets hope that this will change in the next few months. Keep an eye on the Notice Folder for any events that are to take place in the near future or you might just miss them. We are again organising working parties at the boat shed to get things ready for the Salcombe weekend. If you are going, PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE to help or there may only be shore diving here and for the rest of the season.


Dates for your diary

7th – 14th April.2000 – RED Sea trip (Live aboard) (NOW FULL)

15th April 2000 – Mexican Meal at the Casa Mexicana (deposits required. See Carol Sheppard)

21st – 24th April.2000 – Salcombe

?? – ?? May.2000 – Kimmeridge (Someone required to organise this weekend)

?? June.2000 – Go-Karting (see Mike Oates for details)

16th – 18th June.2000 – Lyme Regis (Staying at Shrubby camp site as normal)

14th – 17th July.2000 – Hallsands (FULLY BOOKED)

29th – 30th July.2000 – Harbour Regatta

?? – ?? August 200 – Mariazion or Maenporth – Club Annual trip away

?? September 2000 – Horse Race Night


Tryout Nite’s have started again and there is interest in our new Snorkelling course. Those that are needed for the pool will be contacted as soon as possible. Please make yourself available if asked.

DO’s thought for the month


Do you know how to fall back to them?

Harry Ryalls



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