Diving Officers Communication (Apr 2000)

The dive season has finally arrived in earnest and our first expedition of 2000 has happened. Let’s hope the weather improves as the year goes on, or there will be very little diving carried out. Thankfully we were able to get some done for those few die-hard’s amongst us.

Barrow Tanks is now closed, but if you need to get some more disciplines done and the weather prevents us getting away to the coast, there is another inland site that may meet our needs. Axbridge Reservoir is a short drive away down the A38 and could be a useful alternative if required. I have used it on a recent Skill Development Course and it has an easy access with parking close to the water. There are showers available as well; the down side is that we need a minimum of six divers as the cost of a day starts at £24.00 (£4.00 per diver after that). Any diving has to be co-ordinated through our area coach Phil Harrison, who holds the permit to dive.

This month saw the start of our diving schedule with a trip to Salcombe in Devon. Thanks go to Cyril Hucker who took the time to organise this weekend away. This was a well attended weekend, with an assortment of diver grades wanting to dive. Although we were not blessed with ideal weather conditions; it blew quite a bit; we did manage to get wet. We had to travel to Plymouth to get our first day’s diving done, but due to problems with the Avon’s keel, we only managed to dive within Plymouth sound. The conditions conspired to make this a dive with very poor visibility, but we were not put off and in all eight divers managed to get wet. The reports of the visibility varied with the area dived, but the general consensus was thankful of the opportunity to dive at all. We also managed to complete some Club Diver disciplines as the opportunity was there and I can say these were carried out to a satisfactory standard.

One thing that was a certainty was that we would be having our evening Bar-B-Q’s and these were a pleasant end to the hectic days. The day’s were also very tiring even though we didn’t do that much. It must be due to all that good clean fresh air that we were getting.

I must also thank Dave and Caryn Mitchell, who towed the Avon to the site. It’s a shame that the trip was made all that more difficult by the problems with the wheel. We must ensure there are sufficient checks to make sure this does not happen again.

If you visit the club web site, you can look at the dive schedule to see the dives that have already been planned. There are also some that have yet to be announced so keep an eye on it. If you are interested in coming along to one of them, make sure you add your name to the lists in the club folder.


The new lecture programme is now well underway, the Sports Diver lectures have been completed and the knowledge review is planned early this month. The Dive Leader lectures have been slipped by two weeks and are due to start on the 10th May instead of the 26th April. My apologies to those whom I failed to notify of this change. The Club Diver program is continuing as planned and I can not see any problems with the lecture dates at the moment. It is planned to hold the outstanding lectures at the boat shed, I promise to cascade any changes to those involved. Anyone requiring open water disciplines should contact Andy or myself and we will see if we can accommodate them in a forthcoming trip.


January’s edition of Dive magazine had an interesting article about the DDRC called ‘One for the Pot’. Thanks go to Chris Barker who organised a trip there last month but unfortunately had to pull out at the last minute due to sickness. All the available places, (including the one vacated by Chris) were snapped up very quickly. This is an interesting day out for any diver with all proceeds from the day going to the DDRC charity. It’s nice to enjoy the day as a guest, (as opposed to being a patient) and to contribute to this useful charity. It can cost in the region of £35,000 for treatment of a decompression illness, so the group cost of £300 for 14 divers is a small drop in the ocean (excuse the pun). If you would like more information on what is a very enjoyable and informative day, take a look at the web report by Carol Sheppard, or visit the DDRC’s own web site at http://www.ddrc.org for more information.

We are again organising working parties at the boat shed. PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE TO HELP, there’s lots that needs doing. Bob is posting emails when the working parties are on, so keep an eye open.


Dates for your diary

?? – ?? May.2000 – Kimmeridge (Someone required to organise this weekend)

?? – ?? May.2000 – Plymouth (Details not known about this weekend)

10th June.2000 – Go-Karting (see Mike Oates for details)

16th – 18th June.2000 – Lyme Regis (Staying at Shrubbery camp site as normal)

14th – 17th July.2000 – Hallsands (FULLY BOOKED)

29th – 30th July.2000 – Harbour Regatta

?? – ?? August 200 – Mariazion or Maenporth – Club Annual trip away

?? September 2000 – Horse Race Night


Carol Sheppard is trying to organise a series of monthly events entitled, “Eat you way around the world” to try the different types of cuisine available in the Bristol area. The few nights that have taken place (American and Mexican) have been very enjoyable and those who have attended them are looking forward to the next planned one. This is going to be a Chinese night, but no date has yet been set. If you are interested contact Carol, who will keep you informed.

Tim Clouter is looking for interest in a week’s trip to the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, he has received an email from someone who is running a B&B establishment between St Keverne and Porthoustock. This sounds like a good idea for a trip away and if we can get enough interest Tim will organise it. At present there is no date, it will depend on those who want to go and what is available when he book’s. As he said in his email, it’s over to us.

DO’s thought for the month


If we do not protect our environment, who will?

Harry Ryalls



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