Venerable Vobster (Jun ’22)

A quick little report from Sue, one of our most energetic members of her & her buddy Colins’ trip to Vobster Quay near Frome.

Our playpen for the day!

“I’ve taken out midweek membership as I need to extend my depth and skills for the season and especially for Scapa.  So I’m looking for buddies to go to Vobster with!

Can’t complain about the weather!

Colin and I had two very good dives.  He looked after me and led the dives really well.  I hadn’t been there since before covid.  I extended my depth and practised my DSMB deployment.  It was lovely to be slow, relaxed and take everything nice and steady.

Colin catches a few rays before donning his drysuit – the ultimate sunblock!

The first dive 27.6 metres – we went off the quayside to the armoured troop vehicle.  The visibility was brilliant!  I stopped on the 20 metre platform for a minute or two to make sure I was settled (temperature was about 7 degrees).  All ok so as agreed beforehand I led the dive for as long and deep as I wanted.  Ended up at a wall and ladder with mugs on the steps.  I then handed over to Colin to guide us back up to theJaquin II, the wheelhouse, the top of the tunnel and along for a safety stop.
Then it was out for a debrief & breather before we embarked on dive 2
The second dive 24.4 metres – Again, Colin led the dive and we went through the tunnel and out at the bottom of the crushing works, then on to the helicopter, then to Poppy the boat, along the line to the caravan, along line back to the wheelhouse and then hovered over the ‘pit’ at about 10 metres to practice DSMBs again.  I could see so clearly. the car at the bottom – amazing!.  Then gradually up the road for safety stops and home.

You’d hardly know we’d been

Thanks again to buddy Colin.
Best wishes

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