BSAC National ’FREE’ Try-Dive Week (Sep 2003)

BASAC Logo24th September, 2003: Welcome to the BSAC and Bristol Aerospace Sub-Aqua Club Try-Dive Event 2003

This will be taking part on Wednesday 24th September from 8.30 PM till 9.45 PM at Henbury Pool, Crow Lane, Bristol.

What is the Event all about?

This Event is not an “Experience SCUBA” course! A ’Try-Dive’ or ’Come and Try It’ Session is nothing more than a taster for anyone interested in possibly taking-up the sport. The “Experience SCUBA” course comes later.

What is going to happen at this Event?

Basically all that is required is to get participants into the swimming pool, under safe, controlled conditions, in SCUBA gear and under the supervision of a Nationally Qualified Instructor. There they can experience the sensation of breathing underwater in a nearly weightless environment.

Each participant will have between 15 – 20 minutes actually in the water, which should be of sufficient time to see if this “Wets the Appetite” for the sport.

What does the participant need to supply?

Bristol Aerospace SAC will supply everything the participant needs to use for the experience of the underwater world. The Participant is asked to bring an old T-shirt and an old pair of socks, as well as their swimming costume for the event. That all, but best of all ITS FREE

If you are interested PHONE 0500 947 202 or visit The BSAC for more information and to step into an adventure that will change your life forever.


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