Diving in 2019

All our diving in 2019 as it happened.SCUBA Diving 2015 Possibilities

Sunday 15th December: NDAC, Chepstow- Training (Tamara, Tim)

A good training session

Saturday 23rd-Sunday 24th November: Plymouth – Fun (Geoff, Tim, Claire, Luke, Kevin, Colin)

Our traditional finish to the diving season, check out the full report here

Sunday 3rd-Thursday 7th November: Puerto Galera, Philippines – Fun (Chris, Geoff, Kevin)

An amazing trip with a full report available here

Thursday 31st October: NDAC Chepstow (Tim)

Training session

Wednesday 23rd October: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue)

Training session

Sunday 29th September, 2019: Cromhall Dive Centre – Training (Sue, Tim, Colin & others)

A very productive day – check out our facebook page for pictures!

Saturday 7th-Saturday 14th September, 2019: Kinlochbervie – Fun (Colin, Sue, Tim, Neil, Geoff, Chris L, John, Kevin, Allen, Sarah)

Lengthy report here

Saturday 10th-Sunday 11th August, 2019: Porthkerris – Fun (Colin, Claire, Luke, Tim, Chris, Geoff, Kevin)

Check out the full report here

Saturday 27th-Sunday 28th July: Plymouth – Fun (Tim, John, Geoff, Pete, Colin, Kevin)

Full report available here

Sunday 23rd June: Cromhall Dive Centre – Training (Tim & a select few)

Training session

Sunday 9th June: Brixham – Training (Sue)

Training session

Thursday 6th June: NDAC Chepstow – Training (Tim, Tamara, Sue, Colin)

Training session at which Tamara completed her Sports Diver training, photos on our facebook page.

Saturday 25th-Sunday 26th May: Pembrokeshire – Fun (Rob, David, Geoff, Claire, Luke, Tim, Pete, Kevin)

Check out the full report here

Sunday 12th May-Sunday 19th May: Maldives – Fun (John, Geoff, Neil)

Check out the full report here

Saturday 11th May: Cromhall Dive Centre – Training (Sue, Colin, Kevin)

Harley suffered a flat tyre & couldn’t make it so Sue provided shore cover & Colin & Kevin explored the boat, shipping containers & aircraft cockpit.

Friday 10th May: Turkey, Kas – Fun (Tim)

Sneaky couple of dives

Thursday 9th May: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue, Ari)

Finished up Ari’s Ocean Diver training with two very nice dives

Friday 4th-Saturday 5th May: Kimmeridge – Fun (Rob, David, Chris L, Colin, Geoff)

A long overdue return to Kimmeridge that provided the chance to discover what’s changed. Report coming soon!

Friday 19th-Sunday 21st April: Plymouth – Fun (Tamara, Sue, Harley, Claire, Tim, Luke, Neil, Geoff, Colin, Kevin)

Our first major diving event of the season – check out the full report here

Sunday 14th April: Cromhall Dive Centre – Training (Sue, Tim, Chris H, Dave, Sophie, Harley, Claire, Luke)

A really good training day for the new students with Sue, Tim and Chris Haddock as instructors for the first dives for Dave, Sophie and Harley, and Claire and Luke helping out as well as having a dive themselves.  Tim took Harley for a second scenic dive too. Smiley faces all round.

Wednesday 10th April: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue, Ari, Tamara)

Sue took Ari and Tamara for Tamara’s first dive at Vobster where they visited the Jaquin II and then Ari for OO4 with Tamara as well.  Two very successful dives!

Friday 5th April: NDAC Chepstow – Training (Tim, Sue)

Training session

Sunday 31st March: Vobster Quay – Training (Tim, Taz)

Putting Taz through his paces at the NDAC! A nice little dive well planned and perfectly executed. Water temperature 8-9°C.
Underwater visibility 3-4m

Thursday 28th March: Porthoustock, Cornwall – Fun (Tim)

A quick excursion

Wednesday 27th March: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue, Ari)

Ocean Diver OO3 training for Ari

Saturday 23rd March: NDAC Chepstow – Training (Sue, Tamara)

Tamara Sports Diver training  – S04

Thursday 21st March: NDAC Chepstow – Fun (Sue, Tim)

A chance for Tim to cool down after his tropical holiday – water temperature 7°C !

Monday 4th-Friday 22nd March: West Papua, Indonesia – Fun (Chris, Steve)

A week out of the ordinary – see the report from Chris here

Saturday 16th February: NDAC Chepstow – Training (Sue, Abhi, Tamara, Rob, David)

Abhi (as instructor) did SO3 with Tamara, and then another dive with her, and Sue had a good dive with David and then Rob went in with David (first time father and son together). A successful day!  Tamara and Abhi had almost an hour each dive!

Sunday 10th-Thursday 21st February: Manado & Bangka, Indonesia – Fun (Tim)

Tims’ yearly excursion to check out how things in the far east 🙂

Sunday 10th February: NDAC Chepstow – Training (Sue, Abhi, Rob, David)

Abhi and Rob had a very good dive, while Sue and David did a couple of minutes at 6 metres before aborting due to a leaky drysuit.

Monday 28th January: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue, Taz)

Getting in some valuable training while it’s quiet

Sunday 20th January: NDAC Chepstow – Fun (Tim, Abhi, Geoff, Chris H, Kevin)

No bridge toll & half-price entry how could we refuse. A good couple of dives with some great viz.


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