Diving Officers Communication (Dec 1999)

As the year draws to an end and I write this last report of the millennium, I can say that this year has been a very productive one.

Although very little diving has been carried out this month, there has been some. Barrow tanks having been utilised to complete some disciplines for those that were brave enough to venture below the waterline, at times the water temperature is higher than the air temperature, especially if there is a strong breeze whistling across the water. But some of the membership have taken that life-threatening step and enjoyed the experience. I’m not too sure if the call of the last dive site is the reason for this enthusiasm or not. Other than the dives being done at this site there is very little to report this month. The weather and Christmas may have had something to do with it as well. Hopefully this will get better next month as we recover from the festive season.

If you visit the club web site and look at schedule for next year, you will see that dives are being planned already, Lyme Regis and Hallsands have been booked, Salcombe and Kimmeridge are pencilled in as well. If you can think of a site that we might like to visit let me know. I would be happy if you would list any of these places, as well as if you would be available to organise and/or lead the expedition.

Dive site to visit/revisit




I would/would not be available to organise/lead an expedition to one of the dive sites/destinations.

Name: – ____________________________

Diver Grade: – _____________________________

(If you cannot print this, ask me for a copy or pop into the lobster pot!)


As with the diving there is very little to report on training. Some has been done for those that have made the effort to attend the Sunday dives at Barrow, but there are still people who could benefit by turning up.

For the next few months we will make full use of this venue, so if you need a skill, ask Andy or myself if we can accommodate you. As previously stated in the past there will be at least two, probably three dives available – the last being into the Winford Arms for a well-deserved refreshment and warm up. They do a very good and reasonable Sunday lunch as well.

As the New Year is now with us there will be a new schedule of training for Club Diver drawn up for our new intake, we have a possible three new start. Those that are able to help with training will be informed as and when required. So keep a look out, or better still ask. Either Andy Wilson or myself will know.


My thanks go to Carol Sheppard and Mary Hartigan for taking over and running, what turned out to be a very good night at Cadbury Court House this year. As well as for organising the coach that took the majority of us there and back. Sorry to those who had the long journey there and back, but over the years Julie and myself had had those as well. Feedback from those that attended has been very good, thankfully the flu bug that has plagued the majority of us since did not strike anyone on the night. Since then though, it has ragged through and effected planned events. Our annual drink on Boxing Day at the Chequers Pub, Hanham, was not only affected by the floodwaters, but also the number of members and friends that turned up was down due to the bug?

One thing missing from the list of planned events was a club’s New Years party. This was a non-event*. We talked about it for so long nothing actually got done. A thought, for those that are reading this, is that the new millennium, by GMT, does not start until 2001, so we have another chance, maybe?

* Webmasters note: some of us met up and had a great time at the celebrations in Bristol City centre!

Good News

The long awaited event has finally taken place and I can announce that Nikki and Neil Hatherell have two baby daughters, Ella and Ava, born Thursday 6th January at Southmead Hospital. The club’s best wishes go to the both of them on these new arrivals and we hope every thing goes well for them in the future.

Dates for your diary

Club Diver lectures – Agenda being drawn up for new intake.

Dive Leader lectures – See me for any lectures you may require.

(There is no date for the end of this qualification as yet.)

7th – 14th April.2000 – RED Sea trip (Live aboard) (NOW FULL)

21st – 24th April.2000 – Salcombe

?? – ?? May.2000 – Kimmeridge

16th – 18th June.2000 – Lyme Regis

14th – 17th July.2000 – Hallsands

August Bank Holiday – Mariazion or Maenporth

There will day trips to Barrow tanks and maybe a trip to the beach if possible, so keep an eye on the Notices folder for going on’s (Unless someone knows different)


Tryout Nite’s have come to an end for the time being. There are no inquires for any date as I write this report.

DO’s thought for the month



Harry Ryalls



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