Accelerated Decompression Procedures (Apr 2010)

by Laurence.


(c) BSAC 2010

15th April, 2010 : After thorough research and development BSAC launched ADP in early April, the positive responses have been beyond expectations . . . .
‘terrific course’ . . . ‘best course so far!’ . . . ‘excellent supporting materials’
These are just some examples of feedback received.

For full information about the course, see: Safety Talk

Who can attend an ADP course?
Sports Diver or similar who can demonstrate Gold Buoyancy.

All students get the comprehensive course manual, both Nitrox tables and the new ‘Ox-Stop’ decompression tables and the provision of a qualification card.

What will ADP do for my diving?

  • You gain comprehensive knowledge of Nitrox mixes
  • Help evolve your equipment configuration
  • Learn to track oxygen take-up of the body
  • Take dive planning a step further
  • Plan run-time diving
  • Extend bottom times
  • Reduce decompression times
  • Calculate for accelerated deco using up to 80% mixes
  • Perfect your decompression skills

Can Advanced Nitrox Divers upgrade?
Yes – they just need to cover theory elements on a course and obtain the appropriate training pack (without Nitrox tables). There are different packs to allow for this:

  • Full course: training pack A
  • Existing Advanced Nitrox Divers: training pack B
    (When enrolling on an event, make it clear to the organisers if you are already a BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver)

Scheduled events staged by Regional Teams
ADP courses are already scheduled by Regional Teams. See: Regional Events

BSAC Centres
ADP can be staged at BSAC affiliated Centres with suitably qualified instructors. Find a Centre

Aqua-Marina, Tenerife was the first BSAC-affiliated centre to stage the ADP course. See a report on their experiences here: ADP at Aquamarina



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