New Party Dress (Mar 2013)

by Laurence.

5th March, 2013 :Thanks to Cyril and Stewart for organising the new boat cover for the Assault.

assaultcoversmallAnd as you can clearly see (thanks Ian! Ed.), there is a new “A” frame, definitely not in the shape of an A, which will enable the boat to be put in the shed far more easily than with the previous one.

The boxes will be out of the way on this frame, so we not only have the space in front of the console, but the boxes are now very easy to access in situ on the frame.

Furthermore, there is also a shorter bottle rack, which gives a bit more space in the back for kitting up.

Thanks to Rob for setting all of this up.
LB Webmaster 6Mar13, with corrections from my eagle-eyed checker IC.


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