Diving in 2016

Diving 2016 PossibilitiesAll our diving in 2016 as it happened.

Thursday December 29th: Brixham – Fun (Chris H, Tim) – full report here

Monday 28th November: Cuba – Fun (John C)

Since I’m here – why not!

Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th November: Plymouth – Fun (Chris L, Chris H, Tim, Geoff, Abhi, Neil, Bob, Kevin)

Our yearly pilgrimage to sample Plymouth in November – full report here

Saturday 29th October: Portland – Fun (Tim, Chris H, Abhi, Jo, Kevin)

An enjoyable couple of dives, firstly on the SS Cragside, new to most & then the old reliable Countess of Erne

Sunday 2nd October: Plymouth – Fun (Tim, Abhi, Sue R, Chris H)

An excellent day with great weather with a cracking dive on the Persier. See a few fish in the video here

Sunday 18th – Friday 23rd September: Scapa Flow – Fun (Neil, Sarah D, Jo B, Chris H, Chris L, Allen, Sue R, Kevin, Bob, Ted)

A marvelous week with marvelous weather – perfect!

See full report here

Sunday 4th September: Cromhall – Training (Tim, Kevin, Chris H, John C, Sue R, Abhi, Rob, Neil)

All hands to the pumps for Dive Leader Rescue scenarios training

Thursday 1st September: Vobster Quay – Fun (Abhi, Rich R)

A chance for an evening/night dive in pleasant surroundings

Saturday 27th – Monday 29th August: Marazion – Fun (Rob, Neil, Tim, John C, Chris H, Simon, Jo, Geoff, Kevin)

What a great way to spend the Bank Holiday & the diving & weather only got better as the weekend went on. We dived the Alice Marie, Seghy Rock, The Conqueror and The Primrose. See full report here

Thursday 25th August: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue, Abhi, Kevin)

An evening session to cover Dive Leader training & what turned into Abhi & Kevins’ first night dives – marvelous!

Thursday 11th August: Vobster Quay – Training (Sue, Abhi)

An evening session for a bit of depth progression & general fun.

Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th July: Portland – Fun (Neil, Tim, Geoff, Chris H, Chris L, Bob, Steve H, Kevin, Jon)

A great weekends diving on the Aeolian Sky, Lulworth Banks, M2 & James Fennell, full report here a video of the M2 dive can be found on our Dive Videos page here

Thursday 7th July, 2016: Cromhall quarry – Fun (Abhi, Chris L)

Milky, 2-3m viz but kinda fun

Sunday 26th June – Saturday 2nd July, 2016: Croatia – Fun (John, Neil) – see separate report here

Saturday 25th June, 2016: Plymouth – Fun (Tim, Abhi, Chris H, Jon H, Kevin) – see separate report here

Sunday 12th June: Cromhall quarry – Fun/Training (Tim, Abhi, Rich, Steve H, Kevin)

A rainy start cleared to a reasonable day as we joined what turned out to be quite a busy Cromhall to try out some new kit, some just serviced kit and for Abhi to achieve Sports Diver: well done Abhi!

Saturday 28th – Monday 30th May: Plymouth – Fun (Chris L, Tim, Abhi, Bob, Neil, Kevin)

A major plankton bloom meant the viz wasn’t all it could be but despite this some good dives were had on the Mewstone, Tinkers’ Shoal and other stalwarts of the Plymouth scene.

Sunday 22nd May : Brixham – Training (Kevin)

An opportunity for Dive Leader training with Totnes BSAC on their RIB Humber 1. A great bunch of divers who epitomise the club spirit!

Monday 16th May : Vobster quay – Fun/Training (Sue, Geoff, Kevin)

A lovely sunny day & a very relaxed non-busy Vobster led to two entertaining dives. The first past the Joaquin, round to the pipeworks & down into the darkness for depth progression, the second through the tunnel, up through the crushing works & out into the blue (green!) for Dive Leader DSMB training & then leisurely exploration of the aircraft on the way back.

Sunday 15th May : Cromhall quarry – Training (Chris H, Abhi)

Activities were focused on Sports Diver training (DSMB deploy and line laying included).

Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th May: Portland – Fun (Sue, Mary, Laurence) – see separate report here

Saturday 30th April : Cromhall quarry – Fun (Sue, Chris H)

A dip to refresh skills & generally have a bit of fun

Sunday 1st May, 2016: Plymouth – Fun (Rob, Tim, Geoff, Rich, Kevin) see separate report here

Saturday 16th/Sunday 17th April, 2016: Plymouth – Fun (Sue, Neil, Chris H, Chris L, John, Bob & Kevin) – see separate report here

Sunday 3rd April, 2016: Brixham Breakwater Beach – Fun (Tim, Chris H, Kevin) – see Dive Video here

A quick return for Tim & Chris & a first time for Kevin. Busier than last week with slightly improved viz (2m ish). Couple of close to 1 hour dives as a buddy trio linked with lines. Plenty of crabs of various kinds and lots of life on the reef and the best bit is you don’t have to go very deep to see it so you’ve got plenty of time. Finished off with a very welcome cream tea!

Saturday 26th March, 2016: Brixham Breakwater Beach – Fun (Tim, Chris H) – see separate report here

Saturday 19th March, 2016: NDAC, Chepstow – Training/Fun (Chris H, Kevin G) – see separate report here

Saturday 27th February, 2016 : Cromhall quarry – Fun/Training (Chris H, Steve G, Geoff, Debbie, Paul, Kevin)

A cold easterly wind but clear skies overlooked Geoff, Steve & Kevins’ bimble around the deep end locating the overturned car, gun-turret, catamaran, motor-bike & various other items in good viz but chilly waters; also giving the a chance to find various faults with their kit ahead of the diving season proper. Chris took Debbie & Paul out & they completed OO5 & are now proper divers!

Sunday 17th January, 2016 : Vobster quay – Fun (Tim, Chris H, Kevin)

Chilly, less windy and less busy than our last visit at the end of December. We investigated the boat bridge, the caravan (at 25m), a larger boat & came back via the tunnel – when I realised I’d left my torch behind! No fish, just other divers & viz was a little worse than last time. Led the second dive: a merry wander down the tunnel, through the crushing works, through the drier, pipes, aircraft, trailers & back past the small boats – silver fish in the aircraft & a big brown one on the way back.

by Kevin.


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