Last Dive Before Christmas (Dec 2007)

by Tim.

DSC00145_1Saturday 22nd December, 2007 : I promised warmer times (& if not then festive food & hot drinks!) and so it was to be (7 degrees C!) with a very satisfactory turnout of both divers and onlookers including Bob, Mark, Cecilia, Chris La, Steve, Sue, Mandy, Cyril, Stewart, Sue R, yours truly et al!

Mandys Second Dive Brrr

Mandys Second Dive Brrr

We were treated to Scuba Santa and her helpers preparing for the big day (although the children didn’t seem included to wade in to join him!)

One of our most recent recruits, Mandy, braved the water for her second Open Water dive – in a semi-dry – brrrrr!!! while others searched for the rumoured new aircraft cockpit & instead ended up wishing a few newts Happy Xmas

Sue R provided an extravaganza of food – jacket spuds, tea, coffee… gratefully devoured by all

dont let my wife see
DSC00140_1And to finish off a number of us retired to the Royal Oak after to warm up.

Thanks to all who supported the event, plus Tim, Sue and Steve & Chris (master cooks) and Cyril as part time cook

I wish everyone a happy Christmas and plentiful safe diving next year







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