Advanced Ocean Diver

An Advanced Ocean Diver is a person who has gained further open water diving and diver rescue experience and considered ready to take part in dives partnered by other Ocean, Sports, Advanced Ocean or divers of a higher grade. As an Advanced Ocean Diver Diver you are able to undertake no-decompression dives to a maximum of 30 metres partnered with another Advanced Ocean Diver.

This grade of diver training requires a further four theory lessons (either classroom or via e-learning) with a theory assessment followed by a minimum of two open water sessions and two depth progression dives.

During the training you will

  • Expand knowledge & experience using Nitrox up to 36% to extend dive time and provide a better experience
  • Complete two of the Sports Diver course theory modules
  • Learn how to use a compass for navigation underwater
  • Undertake your open water dives to progress your depth to 25m, then 30m
  • Become proficient in use of a surface marker buoy (SMB) & delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB)
  • Continue to develop underwater buoyancy control

The BSAC website has a section that gives more detail on exactly what you’ll cover on the Advanced Ocean Diver course


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