The Lizard – A Cracking Weekend (Aug 2006)

by Tim, Stewart & Cyril.

26th-28th August, 2006: My sincere thanks go to John for the excellent job he did in organising the Bank Holiday Weekend for us on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. The camp site was excellent and his research and the background information he found us out was invaluable.

Thanks also to Rob for kindly towing a boat there and back for us, and for the long suffering non-diving Jan and Hazel & family for letting John & Rob each get away with it. Also thanks to Pete for helping me out with the dive planning.
For once the weather was very kind to us. Feedback from those who went (from the regulars to new members) was everyone got some great diving in.
Dive sites included:
  • Volnay reef – an often overlooked pretty reef, close to the Volnay wreck.
  • The Volnay – “The best dive I have ever had on it”, according to Cyril.
  • The Mohegan – excellent (or so I am told. I was the non-diving cox)
  • Raglan Reef – stunning!!! Simon particularly rated it. I look forward to seeing the photos.
  • Porthkerris to Porthoustock drift dive – a very nice drift dive as suggested by Andy from the dive centre.
  • And a few others too.
The diving continued after the bulk had left with Stewart & Cyril diving on the Bay of Panama wreck site,[we were told after the dive there is virtually nothing left, Stewart last dived it 30 + years ago!!], a classic English dive , where they found lots of small “critters” then swam out over lots of barren sand, to clear the rocks.
On Wed Stewart, Cyril and Dave shore dived around the rocks, which was excellent, and the beach was deserted, with no one around after the weekend.
From Saturday to Monday we did no less than 56 dives with a few more yet to add to that total too!

Photo by jonlarge


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