Diving Officers Communication (Feb 2001)

The season will soon be upon us so I hope you all have checked you diving equipment to ensure it will perform correctly when demands are made of it. I have recently had mine serviced only to find that my second stage has worn and would not stop free flowing. This cost me a new and upgraded second stage, which added to the overall cost, but I’m glad it was found here and not when I reached the Maldives, where I was to use it next. So for all those that are still waiting to get it done – time is rushing on and it will be time to get wet before you know it.

February has not seen a lot of UK diving due to the inclement weather, but a few of our hardy (fool maybe) divers did take to the water, it was in temperatures of hot bath water though, (it was a very long trip to the Maldives) and I’m sure that you all have seen the photo’s and heard the stories at least twice, if not more, so I will not dwell on the point. I do understand that there will be a new entry in the club web about the trip, just in case you would like to see more. Other that this, I do not know of any more dive trips that have taken place. If I’m wrong, please let me know and supply a copy of the dive logs.

I would like to take the time to thank Chris Barker for the trip to SETT’s that we enjoyed in January, there is photographic evidence of this doing the rounds and emails of suggestions are now winging there way through the either. Well done Chris, I look forward to the next trip.


Little has changed since my January report. The new Club Diver program for our new starts is progressing well, there is only one lecture outstanding and I hope this will take place within the next 2 weeks. The review will now be towards the end of April or early May. The new Sports Diver program will be shortly published for those who require them, please let me know if you are interested. There is still one person requiring a DL lecture to be rerun, which will be carried out soon, when this is complete a date for the theory review will be issued. Then all we have to do is get the diving finished in the early part of the season.


It is with some sadness and regret that I have to report that the recently organised Barn Dance did not take place. There was well under half of the numbers required to make this event successful and although a lot of work and preparation had taken place, it was thought prudent to cancel the event and not incur more loss than the deposits already paid out. These events are normally a way for the club to make a small profit and for members to have a get together away from diving and to ‘have a good time’, but without the support of the membership as a whole they become a liability to the club. This has been the pattern for far to many in the past and with the new club boat slowly appearing out of the gloom, we may need any extra money to kit it out as we require. I am not sure what if any events are waiting in the wings, I hope our Entertainments section are not losing their enthusiasm for the task and we will soon see the next being offered to us all. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE, they are for your benefit, as much as the clubs.

For general information keep an eye on the SW web site for forthcoming courses. They are taking place and can be very enjoyable. You do get to meet lots of other divers and find out that we are all the same.

Lecture Program for 2001

Club Diver review         –           Program ongoing. Theory Review soon.

Sports Diver lectures    –           New program to be issued soon.

Dive Leader lectures     –           Catch-up lectures to be completed.

Theory Review soon so get studying.


DO’s thought for the month



Harry Ryalls



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