Lectures (Feb 2007)

by Duncan.

e135b9082df71c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7d419b9124596f4_640_skills1st February, 2007: Here are the proposed dates for lectures so far – I have started with evening sessions (Tuesday & Thursdays) and think that we could get 2 lectures covered per session.

This is using an estimate of 1 hour per lecture with a small breather in between. If they take longer then so be it we will just have to reschedule the second lecture.

Proposed times 7.00pm – 10.30pm.

  • Tue Feb 27th   ST1 – Sport Diving, ST2 –  Diver Rescue
  • Tue Mar 6th    OT1 – Ocean Diver Training, OT2 – Diving Equipment & Diving Signals
  • Tue 27th Mar   OT4 – Planning to go diving, OT3 – The Body & Effects of Diving
  • Thurs Apr 12th ST5 – Air Planning & Systems, ST6 – Going diving
  • Thurs Apr 19th OT5 – Going Diving, OT6 – What Happens If..?
  • Thurs Apr 26th         Spare evening for catch up if necessary

As you can see I have alternated the Ocean & Sport lectures. Once we know how many people we have for each we will arrange venues and lecturers.

Looking at my records I have the following people who need these lectures:

  • OT1 – Adrian, Nigel, Nicholas, Tony, Andrew
  • OT2/3/5/6 – David, Adrian, Nigel, Nicholas
  • OT4 –  David, Adrian, Nigel, Nicholas, Laurence, Mary, Cecilia, Tony, Andrew, Duncan
  • ST1/2/3/4/5/6 – John, Gerri, Richard, Laurence, Mary, Cecilia

Apologies for anyone I have missed please let me know.

Please contact me back if you will be able to make these dates – depending on numbers we will chose the venue and instructor. (At the moment I am assuming one of the participants / lecturers houses)

Talking of instructors I need volunteers! Sue and I are willing to give some of the lectures but we will need a qualified instructor to be present so these dates are dependant on one (or more) being available for each evening. Again please can you let me know.

I think that is all for the time being.



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