AGM (Oct 2011)

by Pete.

8223098211_26cd5b9188_hammer-and-gavel31st October 2011 : Agenda

  1. Opening Address by Chairman, Peter Davies
  2. Reading and approval of the 2010 AGM Minutes
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Diving Officer’s Report (Club Diving, Training Report, Boat Diving)
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Entertainment Officer’s Report
  7. Club Membership Fees
  8. Questions to the Old Committee
  9. The Committee stands down and the Club President takes the Chair
  10. Election of the New Committee (see below)
  11. AOB

Bristol Aerodivers BSAC – 2012 Committee (Honorary President:Dave Jago)

Chairman Peter Davies email:
Secretary Laurence Breeze (to April) email:
Diving Officer Neil Brent email:
Training Officer Duncan Lamont email:
Treasurer Sheila Watt email:
Boat Care Officer Rob Boyes email:
Equipment Officer John Clayton email:
Membership Secretary Bob Abbott email:
Entertainment Officer Mary Breeze email:
Advanced Diving Represetative Tim Clouter email:
General Enquires email:

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