Wreck to Reef Portland (Aug 2010)

by Mike.


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24th August, 2010 : Of interest…

The Chalk and Cheese executive has officially ratified the funding of £111,000 for the Wreck to Reef Sanctuary Project

Funding will go towards:
• The capital and implementation cost of the first two lobster restocking reefs, as early as Feb 2011.
• Capital cost toward the third re-stocking reef.
• Help towards three years worth of management cost.

The centre piece of the project is the sinking of a suitable ship, which is hoped, will be the first of several. The Wreck to Reef team will continue its work to ensure this becomes a reality.

From the very outset, O’Three has been at the very heart of this project, not just in spirit, but has contributed a large amount of money and time in making sure this project becomes a reality for the whole diving community.

Please take a look at the website to see a list of those other companies who have generously given hard earned cash, time or simply think it’s a great idea.

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