Diving Officers Communication (Nov 2000)

I have started the year very badly and Tim has been on to me to get this report out. Sadly this will be very short as time is at a premium at the moment.

What is nice to report is that we have continued to dive every month since October 1999, with a visit to Brixham. This was not attended by many, but those that did venture this far, found good weather at the coast with the sun shining and a near mirror flat sea, while those that stayed at home were experiencing that strange phenomenon ‘RAIN’. What was more amazing was that the visibility was excellent, much better than previous visits. This day was primary a training day with lots of disciplines being put to bed. My thanks go to Tim Clouter and Matt Bell for organising the day and Terry Hall for the lift there and Carol Sheppard for the lift back.

For all those that were concerned enough to attend this years AGM, they would have heard that we have again failed in our bid to win a lottery grant. This was a very disappointing outcome for the committee, who had put a lot of extra time into its submission. We have not given up and have already made enquiries into where we may make extra improvements with the next one. We have had some contact with the Lottery people and the comments that they made have been very encouraging.

As normal the committee posts were fiercely contended, with the outcome being, that very little has changed. We welcome Matthew Bell as Equipment Officer, Carol Sheppard as Treasurer and Mary Hartigan with Julie Ryalls as Entertainments Officers. For those of you who have not had the experience of Julie as Entertainments Officer, you will quickly learn that she puts a lot of effort into the job, but expects support for that effort and is not backward in coming forward for it. So you have been warned and I hope you all make the effort to support the various events that are going to be arranged. What I can say is that from past experience they should be very good


I have now drawn up and implemented a new Club Diver program for our new starts. This started on the15th November and as normal are every second week there after.  The other programs will be run as required. I hope to complete the missing Dive Leader lectures in the near future and will run the knowledge review as soon afterwards as possible. Pool work will continue as normal for those within the program.


The year has started well and the committee hopes to continue with a successful application this time. There are some good ideas around and I hope that they come to fruition.

Lecture Program for 2000/2001

Club Diver                   –           New program has now started.

Sports Diver lectures    –           New program to be planned when asked for.

Dive Leader lectures     –           Catch-up lectures being arranged. Theory Review still ongoing,

Dates for your diary

January 20th 2001         –           Ten Pin Bowling – Hollywood Bowl Avon Meads

March 10th   2001         –           Barn Dance – Longwell Green Community Centre.

DO’s thought for the month


Someone must have it!!!

Harry Ryalls



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