A First-hand account

by Liz Butterfield

Before I played Octopush I got the image that it was very rough and only for men. I have heard a lot of stories about how noses have almost been broken and people who have been scratched, kicked and God knows what else!I’m a fifteen year old girl and was very worried when I was asked to play. Yes it can be rough, but only if you make it. If you stay and wait to be passed to, or go in and fight for it. Sometimes the roughness can be used to your advantage. Each player wears a glove for hand protection and has a small stick.

Octopush is basically underwater hockey. You wear the usual snorkeling gear, fins, mask and snorkel and you try and push or pass the puck along the floor of the pool to get into your goal. However it is not as easy as it sounds. You must hold your breath for as long as you can and at the same time trying to get past three or four people, in my case, a lot bigger than you.

It is very tiring but is good fun. You may come out a bit battered and bruised, but you need something to show for your hard work!.

Webmasters note: Although this article sounds current, it was actually written some time ago but has been included because it is still very relevant.
The players come and go, but Octopush remains the same!
No doubt, Liz will return one day and show us how it’s done.